Whether you’re a veteran, a reserve member, military spouse or transitioning from active duty to a civilian career, we have your next mission.

At TRECIG, military veterans work across all disciplines. They lead our businesses, engineer our products and manage our supply chain. As a veteran, you’ll bring your expertise to help our customers meet the ever-changing demands of global safety and security.

We offer an array of programs to help you transition to your civilian career and give back to your community. Our employees regularly participate in community events, such as veterans’ job fairs, educational programs and fundraising events to benefit military members, veterans and their families.

Transferring military skills to TRECIG

Military veterans are uniquely qualified to work at TRECIG. Join a team that’s defining the future of IT and Cybersecurity through innovation in areas, including cryptography, secure mobility, modernizing networks, and integration of next generation technologies.